TAML Paper Award

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Theoretical & Applied Mechanics Letters is very proud to announce the 2017 Best Paper Awards and 2017 Excellent Paper Award. Based on the recommendation and evaluated scores, the Editorial Board carefully evaluated the candidate papers, according to their originality, contributions to the field, quality of presentation, and soundness of the science. Finally the Editorial Board selected the following awards:

2017 Best Paper Awards:

    · Chang Liu, Jie Wang, Size-dependent electromechanical properties in piezoelectric superlattices due to flexoelectric effect, Theo. Appl. Mech Lett. 7 (2017) 88-92

    · Mohammad Yaghoub Abdollahzadeh Jamalabadi, Mohammadreza DaqiqShirazi, Ali Kosar, Mostafa Safdari Shadloo, Effect of injection angle, density ratio, and viscosity on droplet formation in a microfluidic T-junction, Theo. Appl. Mech Lett. 7 (2017) 243-251

2017 Excellent Paper Awards:

    · D. J. Kong, C. Ruan-Wu, Y. X. Luo, C. L. Zhang, Ch. Zhang, Magnetoelectric effects in multiferroic laminated plates with imperfect interfaces, Theo. Appl. Mech Lett. 7 (2017) 93-99

    · Akintoye Olumide Oyelade, Ziwei Wang, Gengkai Hu, Dynamics of 1D mass–spring system with a negative stiffness spring realized by magnets: Theoretical and experimental study, Theo. Appl. Mech Lett. 7 (2017) 17-21

    · Aditya Rio Prabowo, Dong Myung Bae, Jung Min Sohn, Ahmad Fauzan Zakki, Bo Cao, Qing Wang, Analysis of structural behavior during collision event accounting for bow and side structure interaction, Theo. Appl. Mech Lett. 7 (2017) 6-12

Let us congratulate the authors for their significant contributions to the state-of-the-art. These awarded papers make significant contributions beyond the topics to the Mechanics field more generally.

Jiachun Li & Yonggang Huang