Referees Guidance

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Theoretical & Applied Mechanics Letters (TAML) always appreciates all peer-reviewers’ reviewing job and contribution to the journal. Review reports from peer-reviewers are important and valuable for the journal, so before you agreeing and writing to review for TAML, please:

1. Make sure your expertise is truly matching the article you have been asked to review

2. Make sure you have no potential conflict of interestwith the article

3. Check that you have enough time

4. Understand what it means to accept to review and manage deadlines

When you are preparing your review report, please make sure that:

- Your report should contain both an assessment of the scientific soundness of the paper and an evaluation of its potential impact on the physics community. Inclusion of substantive arguments supported by concrete facts will strongly influence how the editors value and use your input.

-Good presentation and wide readability are necessary, but not sufficient, qualities for an article that is meant to influence the research activities of many readers. Consider the following questions during your reviewing: Does the focus of the article fall into TAML’s scopes? Does the introduction convey the basic physics issues addressed, and the primary achievements? Is the research placed in proper context? Are the references sufficient? Are assumptions clearly stated? Is jargon minimized? Do the title and abstract stand alone? Are tables and figures effectively presented? and

To accomplish the reviewing job, the author can refer further information for reviewers guidance to