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Theoretical & Applied Mechanics Letters

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Sponsored by The Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (CSTAM) and Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences(IMCAS), the new journal Theoretical & Applied Mechanics Letters (TAML) will be produced in English bimonthly. The first issue is expected in January 2011. TAML is an international peer-reviewed journal for the purpose of containing more letter papers and the average publication period would be in 4 months, which greatly shortens the time for publication and guarantees that articles will be read when they are still fresh and valuable. It will be co-published by CSTAM and AIP (The American Institute of Physics) and its online edition will be published on AIP’s hosting platform Scitation ( All papers will be open access at the journal's websiteand readers do not have to pay for this.

Aims and Scope

In order to rapidly report and spread the latest advances in sciences, new scientific discoveries and valuable applied researches all over the world, TAML intends to publish original, significant but short articles in all aspects of theoretical and applied mechanics, as well as other interdisciplinary researches, such as aerospace and aeronautical engineering, coastal and ocean engineering, environment and energy engineering, material and structure engineering, biomedical engineering, mechanical and transportation engineering, and civil and hydraulic engineering. The journal opens to all contributions from the above fields, highlighting advances in science, engineering, and technology with originality and rapidity.

General Guidelines

Manuscript materials should be submitted via the journal’s online manuscript submission system, linked at:

Acceptable formats for manuscript are LaTex (preferred) and MSWord in single column, while a PDF version is required for the review process. The Latex and MSWord templates can be downloaded at the journal’s website.

The status of submitted paper can be checked on throughout the whole review process.

It must be ensured that the manuscript contributed will be submitted to nowhere else but TAML for the first time. However, TAML doesn’t forbid publishing of completed articles (8 pages or so) with details developed out of letters submitted to TAML by other journals or magazines. In that case, a Copyright-Transfer Agreement Form is required to be submitted together with the manuscript, although the transfer of copyright takes effect only on acceptance of the paper for publication in TAML. Authors can download the form at the above website and send a copy signed by all authors involved via the online system or email.

Papers should be written in English, and authors are completely responsible for the language. Poor English may cause rejection of the paper or additional charge for language proofreading.

The total length of each paper must be of no more than 4 journal pages in two columns. Excessive equations, figures, tables and references should be avoided. Please estimate the rough length of paper when submitting it to the journal.  

The title should be concise but informative.

The abstract should be within 150 words. References cited in the abstract must include complete source information. Do not cite reference numbers in the abstract. No figures or tables can be contained in the abstract.

3 to 5 keywords are suggested.

Mathematical notation  
Formulae, symbols and all subscripts, superscripts, Greek letters and other characters must be legible and carefully checked. Standard mathematical notation should be used:

-Single letters that denote mathematical constants, variables, and unknown quantities should be set in italics in both text and equations.

-Numerals, operators, and punctuation should be set in Roman type (upright), so are commonly defined functions or abbreviations, e.g., cos, det, e or exp, lim, log, max, min, sin, tan, d (for derivative).

-Vectors, tensors, and matrices should be bold italics.

Authors are encouraged to submit all figures electronically. Figures submitted on paper should be of high quality and suitable for digital scanning. All figures must be well prepared so that details can be easily seen after reproduction.

Each figure must have a caption. Groups of figures that share one same caption must be labeled "a, b," etc at the left upper corner. The figure itself should have properly labeled axes with correctly abbreviated units enclosed in parentheses. Use the lettering and style consistent with those in the body of the text (correct capitalization, unslashed zeros, proper exponential notation, superscripts and subscripts, decimal points, etc.).

Photographic images (either grayscale or color) should be submitted electronically in high-resolution JPEG or PNG files.

Each table must have a caption and be numbered in the order in which they are referred to in text. Column headings should be simple and contain all units; symbols should be explained in the caption. Use a single horizontal rule to separate headings and entries. Use horizontally running space to distinguish broad groups among entries, and extra vertically running space for columnar groups. Vertical rules should not be used. Denote footnotes in a table by superscript lower-case roman letters, and list at the end of the table.

Reference must provide complete information to include the author name(s), title of paper, name, volume and issue of the journal, starting and ending pages, and year of publication. They should be numbered consecutively starting with 1 in the order of appearance in text.