Congratulations to Theoretical & Applied Mechanics Letters 2014 Best Paper Award Winners

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Theoretical & Applied Mechanics Letters (TAML) is pleased to announce the winners of TAML 2014 Best Paper Award. TAML Best Paper Award provided by the Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (CSTAM) is established to recognize the most outstanding work that publishes original, creative and cutting-edged research in TAML each year.


Just click! You can readily get access to the following two award-winning papers listed below:


Title: Moving contact line problem: Advances and perspectives

Author: Yapu Zhao

Theoretical & Applied Mechanics Letters 4, 034002 (2014)


Title: Physical mechanism of the compressive response of F-actin networks: significance of crosslinker unbinding events

Author: Tong Li, Dean Hu, Prasad K. D. V. Yarlagadda, Yuantong Gu

Theoretical & Applied Mechanics Letters 4, 051006 (2014)